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What is Fiberglass Roofing Panel?
What is Fiberglass Roofing Panel?

Fibreglass is widely used as roofing material in many industries and buildings. Among them, fiberglass roof panel is one of fiberglass products favored by construction and construction sector, which is commonly used to cover the areas where you need fiber sheet for roof to allow daylight and limit the heat. Fiberglass roofing panels are also developed for the purpose of anti-corrosion of industrial roofs where are exposed to highly corrosive environments such as chemicals or saltwater.


What is Fiberglass Roofing Panel

Fiberglass roofing panel, also referred to as fiberglass roofing sheet, is made from a blend of synthetic materials and glass fibers, which is dimensionally stable than other roofing materials such as PVC or polycarbonate. It can be installed in the form of large sheets or individual shingles.

Fiber glass roofing sheets come in two options: one is flat fiberglass roof panel, the other is corrugated fiberglass roofing panels, but its characteristic is its external texture. Flat fiberglass sheets with designs or patterns are normally used for decorative purpose, while corrugated FRP roof sheets touch smoothly.


Fiberglass roof panel types

  • Designer Corrugated Sheets
  • Fiberglass Mesh Wire Roofing Sheets (for extra strength)

Application of Fiberglass Roof Sheet

Clear fiberglass roof panels are ideal for:

  1. Industrial application of FRP daylighting tile

Daylighting is an important element in the industrial plant and warehouse. Dry coal shed roof, blast furnace room, and steel plant need FRP flame-retardant panels; chemical plant daylighting uses FRP anti-corrosion plate. It is energy saving, consumption reduction, and creates brighter working environment.

  1. Fiberglass daylighting tile for civil use: fiberglass skylight panels

Parking shed, laundry shed, sunshine room, courtyard, balcony, skylights, etc.

  1. Fiberglass roof shingles for commercial use: fiber sheet for home roof

Supermarkets, markets, stadiums, school playground roof, arched roof, pedestrian channel ceiling, outdoor ceiling, commercial and leisure places, parking lot shed. It is natural lighting, good light transmission, soft light.

  1. Fiberglass roofing tiles for agricultural use: fiberglass greenhouse panels, clear fiberglass panels for greenhouse

Greenhouses, warehouses, animal husbandry, barns, and other agricultural areas.

Fibreglass Roofing Sheets Colors

Natural, White, Green, Blue, Transparent, Light blue, Yellow, Red, Porcelain white or customized color.


Fiberglass sheet size

Fiberglass panels are available in different strengths, colors and sizes. Particularly fiberglass sheets 4x8 sell pretty well. These FRP roofing panels range from our economical agricultural grade panels to our super strong industrial grade panels where its strength, impact resistance is important. Guangdong Vebor Roofing accepts customized colors, strengths and dimensions of FRP roofing sheets.

Length 2.0 / 2.50 / 3.00 /3.66 mtr long and as per requirement.
Width 0.910 mm / 1050 mm
Thickness 1.00 / 1.50 / 2.00 / 3.00 mm
Profile A.C / G.C / Tata Blue Scope / Jindal etc.


Fiber Sheet for Roof Price

Needless to say, the overall cost of fiberglass roofing system is based on whether a new roof is under construction, or an existing roof is under repair or maintenance. Off course, the latter work will vastly cost less.


Normally, when making a budget for your roofing project, you need to take the surface area of the roof and professional installation into consideration.


You will also need to consider whether any structural repairs should be carried out or any guttering require the alterations.


Considering that the GRP fiberglass roofing system has excellent durability, you might estimate that fiberglass roof sheets for sale would cost a great deal more. Actually, that is not the case you think.


In terms of fiberglass roofing sheets price, it is pricier than the EPDM rubber roof system. However, if you factor in the long life span, together with the low maintenance cost, weather resistance, attractive surface and so on, fiberglass reinforced plastic panels will be worth every penny in the long run.


The price of fiberglass sheets can range from £70-£90 per square metre. The price is fluctuation depending on local condition. Most of roofing firms might factor in the reboarding fee. It’s a fact that a DIY installation will be much cheaper, however, if this goes wrong, your guarantee will be voided with many supplier.


For an accurate assessment of roofing project, you have better to contact the professionals or corresponding qualified suppliers, such as Guangdong Vebor Roofing, before making a decision.


Fiberglass Roofing Sheet Advantages

Because of its thin, lightweight, easy-to-install, low-cost and anti-corrosive properties, fiberglass panel has been a competitor to metal sheet and traditional glass as roofing material. And since its introduction on the market, gradually welcomed by people. People installs it in their buildings, such as skylights, greenhouses, farmhouse, courtyard, warehouses, factory roofing, sports venue, wall cover, yards, barns, and more. Here are some of benefits of FRP roofing sheet.

  1. Longer Life Span

Fiberglass roofing tile has excellent aging resistance. The outer surface of corrosion-resistant FRP roofing tile is double-layer treated with anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging PE film. The inner surface adopts corrosion-resistant special unsaturated resin and glass fiber. The lifetime of FRP roof tile can reach 15 years or more.

  1. Weather Resistance

It is a new type of FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) composite material, under certain temperature and environmental conditions, to protect buildings and equipment from corrosion damage within a certain period of time. It can withstand severe and harsh environments, such as the corrosion, rot, humidity, acid, alkali, salt, seaside, high temperature, solvent, microorganisms.

  1. Low Cost

Why the FRP sheet gets popularity in the construction industry is that the cost of fibreglass is much cheaper than any other roofing materials like PC panel, which is affordable for people buying. It is noteworthy that price differs subject to the design, strength and color of the product.

  1. Reduce Cost

Fiberglass roof sheets give sufficient natural diffused daylight. The translucent fiberglass sheets provide the perfect roof solution to cater to the lighting requirements in the building; greatly reducing the amount of artificial lighting and electricity needed to light the interior of building.

  1. Lightweight

Fiberglass roof sheets are much lighter than other roofing materials, such as asphalt or metal, which means that they are easier and quicker to install and less difficult to construct. It takes you less time, money and energy. Besides, it is much easier to demolish and replace the damaged broken panels if need be.

  1. Impact Resistance

It can stand drilling, punching, cutting and sawing. Due to its strong impact resistant, it can return to its original shape after a heavy load.

  1. Decorative

Fiberglass roofing tile is beautiful and bright. FRP Corrosion-resistant roofing sheet can come in a variety of colors to satisfy personalized requirements. Due to the high-quality material, they can maintain this bright and colorful for many years, which enhances the beauty of roof. Moreover, the light transmittance of FRP lighting tiles can take the place of daytime lighting, and the light produced is soft and bright without dizziness.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Transparent fiber sheet for roof has resistance of highly corrosive environments, such as acid, alkali, seawater, and many chemical fluids. Corrugated fiberglass sheets have the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, no secondary pollution to water. Therefore, chemical resistant FRP roof sheet are highly applied.

  1. Heat and Cold Resistance

At negative 30 degrees Celsius, FRP roof tile is still with good toughness and extremely high strength, and still can be used between - 50 ℃ and - 80 ℃ for ages. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) roof tile adopts resin with special formula, which can also be used at the high temperature above 110 ℃. Therefore, heat insulation FRP roof tiles are widely used.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

Due to the heat & cold resistance, anti-corrosion, weather resistance, impact resistance and pollution resistance, it does not need to take measures to maintain the building frequently. The maintenance cost can be saved by more than 70%.

  1. Customization

Various sizes, colors, patterns and designs are available during the manufacturing process. Unique roof with customized pattern can be manufactured to cater to the aesthetic of your building, making your area stand out.


How to Cut Corrugated Fiberglass Panels

The tools cutting fiberglass roofing panels require to be capable of cutting at higher speeds without cracking the panel’s edges. With the right blade and the proper pressure, the saws will perfectly cut through the panels.

Step 1

Set a length of corrugated fibreglass roofing on a stable worktable.

Step 2

Take out the tape measure along the fibreglass sheets, then write down a mark on the sheets with a pencil where you need to cut it. Write down enough marks to make a reference line across the sheet. As the fiberglass is hard, it easily dulls wood cutting blade. You can use a jigsaw with a blade made for cutting metal to cut the fibreglass roofing.

Step 3

Hold the panel loosely to ensure that it moves unsteadily during cutting. It will be better to secure the panel in place with a clamp.

Step 4

Align the saw’s blade with a mark located near one panel’s edge. Pull the trigger of saw before starting to cut. Push the saw slowly and steadily toward the panel’s edge during cutting. It’s normal that the panel will bounce when you cut.

Step 5

Increase the speed you are pushing the circular saw when you near the end of the cut. Set the cut piece aside.

When you are near the end of the cut, you need to increase the speed of pushing the saw. Put the cut piece aside.

Step 6

Remove the cutting blur from the fiberglass roofing panel along the cut edge by using the utility knife.


How to install fiberglass roof panels

Fiberglass roofing panel has become an alternative to traditional roofing materials when choosing for your roofing project. Installing fiberglass roof panel is not a task to be taken lightly. The following are the steps that you need to take to ensure a great project when installing your fiberglass roof sheet.

Step 1 - Install the Moldings

The first thing you need to do is to install the installation moldings onto the roof by using the drill and some galvanized screws to mount them about every 16 inches on the roof joists. It will be best to use galvanized screws to ensure the best finish possible for your own roofing project.

Step 2 - First Panel

Take the first panel onto the rooftop in the area that you are going to place them. Please place the panel flush to the roof edge and its intersection of the walls, if any. You need to make sure that the panel’s curve is flush with the moldings you just fixed with galvanized screws.

Step 3 - Drill the Holes

Now you can start drilling the holes with the drill and drill bit. Make sure to drill the holes through the panels, moldings and into the roofing boards. You can secure the panel by drilling a galvanized screw to attach it tightly into each hole.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t over tighten the screw allowing it to strip the threads off. This will turn your tightening procedure to the opposite because the thread holds it in place and holds it firmly down. It will be tricky to ensure that it is tight enough but to ensure you don't over-tighten, which takes time and caution.

Step 4 - Placing the Remaining Panels

Place the panels on the roof one next to the other. You will overlap the panels lengthwise, making it the next panel’s curve rests on the top of the preceding panel’s curve. Along the width of the panel, you need to install rows with 1/2 foot of overlap. Higher rows should be placed over the rows beneath them.


Fiberglass roof repair

Fiberglass roof maintenance, Recoating fibreglass roof

A material with only 0.32 inches thick seems it would not make a good roof, but corrugated fiberglass roofing panels are among the options and become the most popular choice for patios and decks. The transparent fiber sheet for roof is light and tough enough to endure most of the severe environments. But that's not to say they are indestructible, and cannot be destroyed. There are many kinds of roof damage, each of which requires different methods of fiberglass roof repair.


Fiber sheet for home roof is not affected by ultraviolet rays, but it will fade after years of use. This only affects the aesthetical quality of the transparent fibre sheet for roofing, not the inside. You can apply GRP roof restoration coating to its original glory.


Objects like large hailstones can break corrugated fiberglass. Especially exposed to the sun for a few years, the material can become brittle and worm, which easily results in cracks and holes appearing. While big holes may need to replace the panel, you can repair and fix those smaller cracks with customized fiberglass repair kits.


If you require further assistance and professional guidance about fiberglass roof repair, please contact us!


Final Words

Since roofing material is bountiful and overwhelming on the market, selecting the suitable fiberglass product for your industrial or commercial or agricultural building is significant. When you are heading for fiberglass sheet manufacturer and fiberglass roofing panel, it’s as well to bear the above guide in mind which can lay your doubts before purchasing.



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