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Skylight polycarbonate sheet
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Skylight polycarbonate sheet,also known as polycarbonate conservatory roof panels,clear polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheet..It is a durable plastic that maintains its toughness,dimensional stability,and excellent impact resistance in a wide range of temperature.

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Polycarbonate conservatory roof panelsSkylight polycarbonate sheet,also known as polycarbonate conservatory roof panels.

It is a durable plastic that maintains its toughness,dimensional stability,and excellent impact resistance in a wide

range of temperature.The most notable characteristics of polycarbonate sheet for conservatory roof are its low weight,

machinability,corrosion resistance,and typically good thermal and electrical insulating properties.

Certain plastic grades also offer optical transparency similar to glass,low friction or self lubricating surfaces,

and exceptional impact resistance.

Material 100% new polycarbonate
Width 2100mm
Length 6m
Thickness 6mm,8mm,10mm
Colors Clear,grey,brown,green,blue,opal,orange,red or customized.

Clear poly roof panels1)light transmission: 35% to 90%;

2)Impact resistance:the impact resistance strength is 250 times of ordinary glass and 30 times of organic glass;

3)Weather resistance&Ultraviolet resistance:temperature resistance range is -40℃ to +120℃,with an ultraviolet coextruded film on the sheet surface.It can prevent the resin fatigue or yellowing caused by th ultraviolet.\

4)Flame resistance:the fire retardant is regarded as Grade B1;

5)Sound insulation:the hollow structure has a good sound insulation effect;

6)Heat insulation:heat conduction coefficient is lower that ordinary glass with a better hear insulation and preservation effect;

7)Light weight:only 1/2 of the weight of glass of the same thickness.It can be easily cold bent as well as thermal shaping.

Uv protected polycarbonate sheet



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