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How to choose a color steel sandwich panel manufacturer that can be assured of cooperation
How to choose a color steel sandwich panel manufacturer that can be assured of cooperation

Written by JOJO Tuesday, AUG 10, 2021


  1. Understand the manufacturer’s business philosophy and industry background

In the era of overcapacity, the profit level of the manufacturing industry is extremely low, and the advantage of scale is no longer. At this time, the manufacturer’s business philosophy directly affects corporate behavior. Companies that only pursue profit often ignore quality. The bosses and teams with senior industry backgrounds tend to pay more attention to word-of-mouth. Take the risk to shoddy and cut corners.

  1. Look at the manufacturer's purchase inspection standards, whether they are standardized and written.

Powerful manufacturers are more cautious and strict in purchasing raw materials. As a processing industry with low technical content, the quality of raw materials directly affects quality, and they will not easily change suppliers.

  1. Look at the manufacturer's technical reserves: whether the process is refined and whether the production line workers are familiar with the process.

In the traditional manufacturing industry, enterprises must have a wealth of technology and experience accumulation, standardization and standardization of production, clear job division, and rigorous production processes in order to produce products with stable quality.

  1. See if the board type series produced by the manufacturer are complete and can provide application solutions.

Sandwich panels have natural application advantages and more and more areas of service. Manufacturers with technical strength can basically achieve full coverage of product series. This is not only a manifestation of technical capabilities but also a guarantee for customer supply capabilities. A project will involve the simultaneous application of several plates.

  1. Look at the manpower reserve and training system of the manufacturer.

With the same plant and equipment, some companies can succeed and some fail. The key is to rely on talents and teams. The company can attract the most senior professionals in the industry to join and provide them with comprehensive training so that they can work together to make the company bigger and bigger. Be strong, and do a good job of product quality.




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