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13 product features of resin tile
13 product features of resin tile

Written by JOJO Tuesday, AUG 14, 2021


  1. Long-lasting color

Long-term exposure to the harsh conditions of ultraviolet light, humidity, heat, and cold can still maintain its color stability.


  1. Good sound insulation

Under the influence of external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind, it has a good effect of absorbing noise.


  1. Impact resistance

The 1KG steel ball falls freely at 3M height, and the plate does not break.


  1. Quick installation

The paving efficiency is high, the weight is light, easy to install and unload, and the installation accessories are complete.


  1. Stable volume

The expansion coefficient is 4.9X10MM/MM/degree, the temperature changes greatly, and the expansion and contraction of the tile can be digested by itself, so that the size is stable.


  1. Strong fire resistance

It is a non-combustible material and reaches B1 fireproof performance.


  1. Green and environmental protection

It does not contain asbestos, glass fiber, and radioactive elements, and can be recycled.


  1. Excellent load resistance

In the case of a support distance of 660mm, load 150KG, the tile will not be cracked and damaged.


  1. Excellent corrosion resistance

There is no chemical reaction after soaking in salt, alkali, and various acids below 60% for 24 hours.


  1. Excellent self-cleaning performance

It is not easy to absorb dust, and it will be as clean as new once washed by rain, and there will be no mottled color phenomenon.


  1. Excellent thermal insulation performance

The thermal conductivity is 0.325W/M.K, which is approximately 1,310 clay tiles, 1/5 cement tiles, and 1/200 of 0.5MM thick color steel tiles.


  1. Excellent waterproof performance

It is dense and does not absorb water, and there is no problem with microporous water seepage.


  1. Excellent insulation performance

Insulation products will be intact even if they encounter accidental discharge.

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